Yoga Classes

We are proud to offer classes for all ages and levels.  Please check our class schedule for dates and times.

Series Classes

Brand New to Yoga (BNTY) Series:

This 8 week series is ideal for students looking to start their yoga journey. Come learn the fundamentals of yoga through basic postures, safe alignment and coordination of breath with movement. Prepare the body each week to connect more deeply and open more fully. The student can make up missed classes in any yoga class on the schedule during the 8 weeks of the series.

Yoga Therapy Program

Yoga Therapy is a practice that emphasizes self-healing by working within a holistic approach of integrating body, mind and spirit. Whether recovering from an injury, harboring digestive problems, stiff muscles and joints, addiction, depression, stress, or anxiety; this series can benefit you. Therapeutic Yoga is more than a gentle class or beginner series. A therapy class consists of various modalities and exercises including strength, flexibility, endurance, and core training techniques. You'll learn how to move and feel your strong, flexible body in a whole new way.

This program will improve spinal function, digestive issues, joint mobility, stress and pain management through yoga asanas, proper breathing and meditation. This can benefit students at any level.

Brand New Yoga to (BNTY) Level 2

This series is designed to take your yoga practice to the next level. It builds on the knowledge you’ve acquired in the Brand New to Yoga series. The series includes an in-depth look into sun salutes, standing postures, twists, forward bends, back bends and breath work. Students will learn more challenging variations on basic postures, refining their alignment and establishing a steady, blissful Yoga practice. Props will be provided and modifications offered so that poses are accessible for all students. Brand New to Yoga Level 2 benefits students seeking to build confidence in their practice.

Regular Classes

Modifications offered to support students during all classes. 

Core Yoga

Challenge yourself with postures designed to build strength, balance and flexibility. The class incorporates breadth work and sequenced movement in a vinyasa style, designed to tone and strengthen the muscles. Work on advancing your practice and building core strength and flexibility with this active class. After enjoy a relaxing cool down and Savasana.

Flow and Let Go

A Vinyasa flow, focusing on the breath and proper alignment to strengthen the body.  This class encourages the students to let go and find their bliss as they flow.  The restorative section (last 15-20 minutes of class) includes relaxing postures using bolsters, blocks and blankets to release tension and ease the mind. Variations are given for all levels.

Mixed Level Flow:

A breath synchronized flow which helps the student to become aware of poor posture patterns and create new relationships with different parts of the body. Increases heat and intensity in the body while building strength and flexibility. 

Restorative And Reiki:

This is a slower moving, therapeutic style of yoga where poses are held for longer periods of time (up to 10 minutes). Long held, passive postures encourage the body to release muscular tightness & recuperate the organs, as well as the central nervous system. The body will be supported by props, including blocks, bolsters & blankets. This class also includes reiki, a healing technique where the practitioner channels energy into the student by means of touch.

Stretch and Breathe:

A fusion of restorative yoga (supported postures) and gentle yoga.  This class is appropriate for those who want a softer, more nurturing practice.  It includes carefully orchestrated movements as postures are approached in gradual steps, allowing time to focus on breathing and encouraging moment-to-moment adjustments.

Vinyasa Flow:

A flowing sequence of postures, synchronized with the breath, which will enable the student to open the body and mind simultaneously. Students will build strength and gain stamina.

Barre Classes 

Series Classes

Brand New to Barre (BNTB) Series:

This Introductory series is for students who need to understand how to engage their core and use their muscles properly in their first experience of Barre. This slower moving class will be easier than Barre Basics and regular Barre classes with less repetitions, more stretching, and more details on the foundations of taking Barre. Students will discover strength they didn't know they had.

Regular Class


Targeting multiple muscle groups, this Highly effective workout allows you to increase your heart rate and work your entire body in an hour long low impact class. Barre can improve muscular activation for frequently underused muscles and help improve postural alignment, core strength, and enhance mobility.  This is not a dance class.  You will do a warm up which will include light weights for arm work, push ups, tricep push-ups, and forearm plank.  You'll go to the barre to do small isolated movements for the thighs and glutes and finish with some core work and stretching.  Anyone can do the exercises and modify the movements by pausing, using lighter weights, or smaller range of movements.