The shamanic journey occurs by shifting awareness or consciousness in order to allow part of your soul to leave the body. A drum or rattle is frequently used and the slow repetitive rhythm shifts the individual's consciousness so that he or she can journey. Just the way a soothing song can help someone achieve a calmer state, the rhythm of the drum puts you in the right state to journey. The drum beat used is very close to the frequency that is measured from the earth and has proved effective for the majority of people.

Journeying, like meditation, is a tool for spiritual growth. It is also a tool that can be used for healing, to obtain information, and in working through psychological issues.

When someone goes on a journey they are able to communicate on a spiritual level, so journeyers can go and visit guardian spirits.

Psychologically some people use the journey to work through emotional issues. The journey provides a safe environment to express anger or to work through grief.

This workshop will explain the different worlds of Shamanic journeying.

Feel free to bring a notepad and pen to journal your experience.

Friday, April 15th
6:30 pm - 8 pm
$20.00 per person

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