Join Pat & Jen at the Barre for Yin & Tonic!

Pat will provide the "Yin", a practice of long-held floor postures that gently stretches the deep connective tissues of the body. In this practice the muscles relax and the deeper, more dense, tissues of the body are accessed. This deep work occurs in the fascia of the muscles overall and more specifically the joints of the spine, hips and pelvis. These tissues house the meridians, or energy pathways of the subtle body. Stretching these tissues not only restores joint mobility but accesses and encourages the "Qi" or life force to flow more freely. In this session we'll work with the elements of Spring, which is a time of renewal and regeneration. We'll target specific meridians that will encourage healthy Qi flow to cleanse and detoxify the vital organs.

Jen will provide the “Tonic." When speaking in terms of medicine, a tonic is used to restore, tone and invigorate systems in the body or to promote general health and well-being. At the end of the class, right before savasana, Jen will do acupuncture on all willing participants with the goal of ultimate relaxation to promote general health and well-being. She will use 5 painless points on the scalp that help calm the mind, clear the senses, and quiet the heart (perfect if you have insomnia!). Be prepared to enter the most relaxed savasana you will ever be in!

While in savasana, students will be guided by voice through a journey to systematically become aware of their body and then release the body parts into relaxation. Aromatherapy will be available for those who enjoy the scent of lavender.

Saturday, May 7th

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

$30 per person, before April 23rd

$35 per person thereafter

Kula Club members & Monthly members get a 20% discount on this workshop

Please pre-register here