This program is for those who are looking for an alternative approach to help overcome self-destructive or addictive tendencies. Addictive behaviors reach far beyond alcohol and substance abuse. Unhealthy relationships or codependency are also addictive behaviors as are eating disorders to name a few of the most popularly known. In today’s world workaholics, and for some, Facebook and cell phone use are also consuming too much time to the point that it interferes with our daily lives.

We’ll have an opportunity to talk about our experience, strength and hope in regard to any addictive habit we are recovering from. It is refreshing to be in a group that has the opportunity to discuss a cross-range of addictions. This workshop allows us to share in a broader way and helps us develop more openness and compassion around both our own lingering compulsions and the struggles of people with different forms of addictions than ours.

In the Tools of Recovery the ethical and lifestyle foundations of Classical Yoga combine Yogic psychology or how to deal with the mind and the Yogic philosophy of our true nature.

Included in this workshop will be:

  •  Mindful Movement Through Gentle Yogic Exercise
  • Various Forms of Breathing Techniques to Calm the Mind and Purify the Body
  • Deep Guided Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)
  •  Meditation Techniques
  • Ayurveda & Yoga Tools to Recovery
  • Open Sharing (optional)

In this workshop you will learn more about the benefits of recovery yoga techniques which you can apply to your work if you are a yoga teacher or counselor. 

Sunday, April 3rd

1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

$40 per person, before March 26th

$50 per person thereafter


Kula Club members & Monthly members get a 20% discount on this workshop

Please pre-register here