The 500 HR advanced training is for teachers dedicated to a higher standard of learning and looking to increase their knowledge.  It is an intense, challenging and rewarding experience.  Your body, mind and spirit will be transformed and you'll be well prepared to teach students of all levels and abilities.

Hands-on work and personal exploration, coupled with the training, will take you into a deeper understanding of what it means to practice, teach and live yoga.

The 500 HR YTT focuses on:

Therapeutic Yoga Techniques - Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for the Spine, Women's Health, Yoga for Sports and Yogassage.

Yoga Philosophy - Energy Chakras, Prana Vayus, Koshas, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and Spiritual Readings.

One on One Yoga - Design specific practices to meet students' needs.


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